Thanks to Tunnels 2 Towers, Building For America's Bravest, I will be awarded a home around the end of the year (2015). When the home is finished, I will have an entire basement to turn into my shop/man cave. The shop will need some heavy-duty tools to satisfy my creative / engineer. The man cave [...]

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The death of Clan Junkie

[dropcap style="simple"]C[/dropcap]lan Junkie  was the start of something new and awesome. Everyone loved it at first. Then, suddenly, George Searle, the owner, decided to sell his creation. Mr. Searle asked for a meager 500 for his review churning "masterpiece". I figured, why not? I've got the money, might as well dive in headlong and see [...]

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The Portal Project v1

There have been many, many attempts at portal effects. I wanted to take a crack at the overall effect but I needed a place to start. I found this tutorial by MotionSquared which highlights an "energy blast effect" which the author used as a logo reveal in the demo portion of the video, but fails to [...]

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Get Murika’d

Some folks think it's a great idea to burn the american flag. I created a project called #flagstops which I will entertain every year from June 1st to July 4th. I will gladly add some Murika! to photos of your choosing. I'm not dead set on a number, but let's be reasonable. After July 4th [...]

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Never throw anything away…

That is, if you're an aspiring graphic designer and/or artist. While I could go into the arbitrary differences between a digital artist and graphic designer, I will spare you that rhetoric and simply allude to the fact that in many cases, there is no difference. I am by no means the best artist, or designer [...]

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